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At the end of primary school, students continue their education at college. Schooling takes place over four years: the sixth, the fifth, the fourth and the third.

The sixth grade is the entrance to middle school, special arrangements are needed to accommodate students arriving from primary. A single teacher was in charge of all disciplines. In 6th grade, the succession of teachers in different subjects can be confusing for the student. In addition, since CM2 is an exam class, the student was more supervised and followed at school and at home.

Arrived in 6th, he tends to relax, family and school pressure being less intense at this level. Hence the need to ensure that pedagogy and classroom management take these aspects into account.

The fifth grade is a reinforcement of the sixth grade.

In the fourth, the content of the teachings intensifies considerably. In addition, two additional subjects are added: physical sciences and LV2.

The less “solid” pupils are left stranded. The repetition rate is very high. To anticipate the foreseeable difficulties for many students, remedial measures have been put in place such as the Pedagogical Call Center, which starts in January 2021.

The third class is the level sanctioning middle school studies with the “Brevet de Fin d´Etudes Moyennes”( BFEM).

There is no secret, it is just a matter of practicing, practicing again, interacting with classmates from all walks of life, asking questions, watching videos of the essential points to understand in order to master the program by subject.